pl space

pl space is a private space company which is specialized in space mechanics engineering and development. Founded in November 2013, it is one of the first Estonian space technology companies.

Our vision is that pl space will be a recognised mechanical systems developer for space upstream and downstream sectors.

pl stands for payload and a spacecraft in orbit. They best describe how pl space will continue to fly towards our vision.

pl space has it roots in the ESTCube project, which has been one of the most successful CubeSat projects. From there on founders of pl space have made a colorful trip through different space institutions, universities and projects in Europe, gathering experience in spacecraft mechanical engineering, attitude determination and control, payload design, systems engineering and more.

First products and services are focusing on the rapidly growing nanosatellite market. Second ambition is to integrate developed technologies into space downstream products and services to make the tomorrow's world a better place. Innovative and novel approach in research and engineering will keep the team on the right orbit.


Vega fund scholarship

pl space got the biggest grant from the Vega fund to make our first products market ready.


Paul Liias

Erik Kulu